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Having been contacted by Ian Carswell, Norman Edward's nephew. He generously sent me a copy of Norman Edward's letters home during the war, together with two images. They depict 75 Squadron aircrew partying at 'The Ship Inn', now closed and renamed 'The Old Ship Inn', still situated on the Southery Road just outside Feltwell.

75 Squadron aircrew

75 Squadron aircrew

In the above image Colin is in the left rear and Norman Edwards under the upturned tankard.

75 Squadron aircrew

1940 October 23rd

Five aircraft were sent out to search for P/O Sanderson and crew who had come down in the sea, but to no avail.

1940 October 23rd/24th

Five 75 Squadron Wellingtons set out as part of a mission involving 23 Wellingtons. 12 attacked Berlin and 11 attacked Emden.
(* There was some confusion over dates. The War Cabinet Weekly Resume has the attack on Hamburg taking place on the night of 22/23rd October, the mission on the night of 21/22nd October being to bomb Berlin. This is now known to have been incorrect.)

1940 October 25/26th

Nine 75 Squadron Wellingtons on overnight operation to attack target ‘B.8’, which could have been either a German oil installation or harbour.

1940 October 28/29th

Ten of the Squadron’s Wellingtons in the air overnight to attack target D.4, and others, in Germany.

1940 October 30th

Due to the difficulty of identifying and accurately targeting specific objectives the RAF issued a directive sanctioning ‘Area Bombing’.

1940 November 6th

Two Squadron aircraft despatched in the small hours to bomb target G.30.

1940 November 8/9th

Eight of the Squadron aircraft on an overnight raid to bomb target M.487 etc.

1940 November 10/11th

Eight Squadron Wellingtons on an overnight raid to attack Gelsenkirchen where there was German Oil processing.

1940 November 12/13th

Seven Squadron Wellingtons again on overnight attack, target almost certainly Gelsenkirchen.

1940 November 14/15th

Nine Squadron aircraft on an overnight mission to attack Berlin; Soesterburg Aerodrome or Schipol Aerod