My Friend Farringdon

A Feline Fantasy

A new novel by Ian Hickman

     This illustrated tale tells of the meeting, as a kitten, of Yellow Laughing S. cat with wise feral Farringdon Spanking cat and of their adventures together; through
       to the passing of Farringdon Spanking cat and the establishment by Yellow Laughing S. cat, William Choco Brown cat and others of the Society for the
       Resettlement of Homeless Cats, using Farringdon's old home in the hollow bole of an old oak tree as temporary accommodation for the needy.	
The Author
Ian Hickman is the pen name of
Eur. Ing. D. I. H. May BSc. C.Eng. MIEE. MIEEE.
Author of more than twenty five non-fiction books
(covering twelve titles with second and later editions),
this is his first novel.


Also coming soon:-


a Simian Saga

The story is set in the 23rd and 24th centuries and centres on the dire straight of the human race in the face of dwindling world human population, the problems caused by the adoption of sapes - simian additional population elements - as agricultural labourers and anxiety about the prophecy about the DAY OF DOOM on the 23rd of the month - but which month, and in which year?

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