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My Friend Farringdon

A Feline Fantasy

A new novel by Ian Hickman

The book is currently with the Production Dept. who are working from home
to get the book ready for the printers. When printing will be possible is in the hands of the gods.

This illustrated tale tells of the meeting, as a kitten, of Yellow Laughing S cat with wise feral
Farringdon Spanking cat and of their adventures together through to the passing of Farringdon
Spanking cat and the establishment by Yellow Laughing S. cat, William Choco Brown cat and others of
the Society for the Resettlement of Homeless Cats, using Farringdon's old home in the hollow bole of
an old oak tree as temporary accommodation for the needy.
The twelve coloured full page illustrations have all been approved in the B/W stage and
rendered into full colour, as have the front and back covers.  I am awaiting completion of proofing!
The Author
Most people have two or three names - I have four, of which the middle two are Ian Hickman.
Ian Hickman is the pen name of
Eur. Ing. D. I. H. May BSc.Hons C.Eng. MIEE. MIEEE.
Author of more than twenty five non-fiction books
(covering twelve titles with later editions - even
up to 4th or 5th), this is his first novel.

Shown below are the book's covers

  Chapter 1  (part)

    Hello; let me introduce myself.  I'm a happy naughty cat and I live in a lovely home, looked after by Missus, a
    lovely lady who spoils me something rotten.  She likes me to sit on her lap, especially in winter, and I can twine              
her round my little claw. She gives me nice meaty food or crunchy biscuity food, and there is always a bowl of fresh
water there.   If I'm good she'll put down a saucer with some milk in it and sometimes, if I'm very very good, she      
will give me my all time favourite, a boiled fish head.                                                                                                 
    The man of the house - I don't know his name so I call him Mister Missus or MM for short - complains about the
smell so I only get if he is away, "on business" Missus calls it.  If the house still smells of boiled fish heads                   
when he gets back, I have to watch out or MM will aim a kick at me, so I always make myself scarce at such times.
    So on the whole, I know that I'm a really very lucky cat, living in a big house, warm in winter, with red roof
tiles and a big garden surrounded by a tall fence.  I even have my very own tree in the garden, to climb.                      
     Of course the big people are very different from us cats. Their children know their father, whereas with us of
course, one never knows one's father, so any family history one learns from one's mother just comes to an end with us.
It's left to my four sisters to pass it on to their daughters; my four brothers can't carry it on any more than I can.
Anyway, I last saw my eight siblings just after being weaned; young Tommy came and collected me and took me to his home.
Tommy is Missus's young son and we instantly became great friends. But I was in for a bit of a shock when I got there, as
there was already a cat in residence. When I arrived, he growled at me in a very unfriendly way, so I named him Big Black
Grumpy Cat, though the big people called him Lawrence. A few weeks after I arrived, early one morning before any of the
                        big people were up, I found him lying on his side under the dining room table, motionless - - - -                                                                     
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